Garage Door Repair

We carry out repairs & service to all garage doors supplied & installed by us – up to 5 years after installation.

If you need our help with an issue or would like to book an engineer’s visit, please complete the form below with your original invoice number or installation date to discuss it further. We may be able to help over the phone in the first instance.

Troubleshooting Faults

There are a number of minor faults that occur particularly with electrically operated garage doors that you can easily remedy yourself without incurring the cost of an engineer’s visit.

Our troubleshooting checklist

You may find it helpful to eliminate the following points before calling us.

  1. Firstly, was the door working prior to the call to us? If it was, this may indicate a minor fault that you can deal with yourself. In many instances, the power supply has simply been switched off, or the batteries in the remote control handsets have gone flat.
  2. Is the power connected, plugged in & switched on at the mains? Have you checked the fuse in the plug? Try switching on & off at the socket if you have recently had a power cut.
  3. Have you read through your product usage instructions & eliminated everything on the troubleshooting help page?
  4. Is there any obstruction under the door or inside/outside within the closing area?
  5. When did you last change the batteries in the handsets or safety edge in rolling doors? Could they have gone flat?
  6. Has the door been switched into manual operation? i.e. can you hear the motor when you press the control but the door does not move?
  7. Your user guide will give information on how to re-engage the motor.
  8. Do you currently have builders/visitors/gardeners using the garage who may not be aware of how it functions?
  9. On older rolling garage doors, is the photocell reflector out of line, obstructed or dirty?
  10. Are you pressing the correct button on the handset? It will usually be the same button for open & close.

Non-functioning or broken remote control handset?

If your handset has been working recently & you have not changed the battery for a significant period of time, it may simply need a new battery. A local watch battery supplier can supply & fit your new battery for a few pounds. We do not stock handset batteries.

If you fit a new battery yourself & your handset is still unresponsive, firstly check that you have fitted the battery the correct way round. If still not working, it may have unfortunately failed or been accidentally damaged. In this case, you may need to replace it.

Due to the vast array of handsets on the market from different door manufactures going back over the years, we no longer carry stock of each & every type of handset for older doors.

We recommend you contact the supplier below. They offer many types and ages of handset at very competitive prices.

Search your make and model on or

However, please bear in mind that some older designs of handset may now be obsolete. If you find this is the case, please contact us as your control panel will need replacing in its entirety in order to update the garage door control system. This then means that you have two brand new handsets.

If you have not solved your issue with this information, do contact us via the form below as you may need a mechanical repair or re-tuning of the existing motor operator by one of our qualified engineers.

Do you still need help?

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